Gathering 2018


Membership Application
  1. Should you wish to join or renew membership with NEMAS during the 2015/2016 membership period. It is required that you complete and submit this form.


    Membership will cover the financial year. The membership fee will remain the same regardless of when an application is made.

    All applications for new membership are subject to committee approval and we will notify applicants as soon as possible.

    *Note: NEMAS reserves the right to reject any application for any reason without explanation.

    Each individual will need to complete their own form. Parents will also need to complete a form for each child under 13.

  2. Adult Annual General Membership $35

    Teenager General Membership 13-17yo $25

    Secondary Membership $20 (must provide Primary Group details and insurance number)

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  16. Answer "yes" to the following if you are a new member or did not renew your membership for 2014/2015.
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